Evening walk

In recent times I have not been doing many dog walks but this evening I had to dash to Ottobeuren in the evening to get in some food and drink. It was just after 19:00 as I went to the car and as the two supermarkets I needed to visit closed at 20:00, I was in a hurry.

However, Flash looked at me incensed that I could drive off and not take him. Luna had just arrived back from a long walk with Angie and is always game for more. So I was forced to take them both and as it was so warm, the dog walk had to be done before the supermarket or else the cold food would have boiled in the car.

So we did a section of the Schickling walk at Ottobeuren. Flash loves it as it is one of Ottobeuren's main dog walks and full of delightful smells, each and every one of which has to be inspected. It took ages to get him moving from the car park area and this Blip was still on the outbound section at 19:26.

We did make it and just managed to get the essentials. In the second supermarket, I was asked to "get a move on". Also quite by chance saw that my sons favourite beer, Franziskaner Wheatbeer, was on offer if you bought 2 cases each with 10 litres for €11.40 each. There were only two cases left so I took the plunge. He will have his work cut out on his next visit which is only for 3 nights - that's just under 7 litres a night.

Also managed to get my alcohol free beer which I am drinking copious amounts of in the hot weather. But as I also mix it 50/50 with lemonade to make what is known in Bavaria as a "Radler" or "Cyclist", my son's favourite sport although his views on diluted beer are the same as for E-bikes. I personally don't follow his mathematics which says that you have to use a non-assisted bike to lose the calories that you then drink at various pub stops on the journey, to get back the energy.

There are several versions of Radler for wheat beer - the one with lemonade is known as a "Russ" or Russian, there is another one with 50% coke which until around 2009 was known in Bavaria by the "N" word which didn't have the same quite the same awful racist meaning as in the UK. Afterall the ruling Bavarian political party of the last 70 years are called "The Blacks". But it has been replaced by "Cola Weizen" or Cola Wheatbeer in most places. The ordinary lager beer and cola mixture is known as "Diesel".

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