Party at the Nero's Pally

This our 6th time in Anzio and although familiar with it's history and being the home to Nero's seaside palace I'd never actually visited the archaeological site due to opening hours, generally doing other stuff or just being too hot.

But when you learn that one of your blipmates actually worked on the excavation of the site then you've just got to go visit, especially when our apartment overlooks it!

It's not until you visit the site that you can actually appreciate the scale of Nero's holiday residence. Stretching from beyond the lighthouse and breakwater to the south all the way above the caves in the cliffs to the north, it stood 4 stories high and even had it's own heated baths.

Hopefully the blips and extras do it some justice!

It's always great to see the remains being surrounded by the locals enjoying the beach.

Dedicated to blipmate METOO

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