Taiko Landscape

Myself and my friend went out this afternoon, looking for landscapes in the Taiko valley....not far from home.  It is a valley that really needs to photographed when the sun is shining to create the shadows on the curved landscape.
This morning after so many gloomy sunless days, there was much excitement as we woke to clear skies and sunshine.  Ya....*doing happy dance*.
But by the time we got out to Taiko the clouds had returned and the light very flat.  As photographers do, we still took lots of photos, but packed it in around 3pm to come home for a cup of tea.
With that the sun squeezed through for a short time, I turned the car around we found a spot and clicked off a few.

Another wee blip anniversary, this one 3000, it really doesn't seem long since my 8 year one.
I love blip, I love all you beautiful friends, the fab four.....after 3000 blips (no missed days), it really becomes easy and part of my day.
Although, in saying that I have been slightly slack at commenting recently, I think we all have times like that......maybe I can blame the winter blues.

Cheers to everyone, and a resounding thank you.


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