My Year in Pictures

By jenny


Backblipped 19th June

This afternoon I finished watching the 81st episode of Jane the Virgin on Netflix. The last in Season 4 and it ended with a completely and utterly unexpected cliffhanger.

And I'm going to have to wait until next year to find out what happens!!

Since my sister and niece introduced me to it last year, it's been my guilty pleasure to watch it whilst I've done the ironing*, so it also signifies somewhat sadly that I've done 3,402 minutes of ironing in the last year!!!

At least I didn't just sit on the sofa and watch it like they did ;-)

* James may well be very pleased that I've finished watching it as the quality of my ironing hasn't always been top notch - there's always quite a few subtitles/words on the screen during each episode so my eyes haven't always been on the shirts ;-)

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