Back and Forth thru time

By pingufivemins


evening all,

The shades of two of the great female explorers along the lines of Sacagewea and Gertrude Bell have inhabited the bodies of number 1 daughter and number 1 god-daughter.

Between them they have planned a  UK road trip of epic proportions involving many stops, many counties and many adventures.

The airing of the tents has proved problematic however, with the mice that inhabit our sheds obviously finding them to their taste.

This prompted the fearless Ms. Earhardt and Stanhope to draw up a list of items needed for their travels. The suggestion of an in-car charger to help pump up airbeds was poo pooed as they pointed out quite rightly it was an expedition, roughing it, being at one with nature, two women against the elements...…….

Later on I had a brief look at the intrepid travellers equipment list.

item no 1: Napkins...……

roughing it indeed.

night all


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