All over again

By Tivoli

I went in search of something special to mark this blip, deliberately avoiding digits, the letter 'K' and anything from a patisserie or containing balloons. It is not as though this milestone has been reached without interruption.

So I was thrilled to find at the other pond nearby, a pair of Egyptian Geese, complete with their brood of TEN goslings. What successful parents! Dad is standing guard in the first extra. Less happily was this single mallard female with just one chick (2nd extra), very late. It made me wonder if she was the same bird who had four with her on 30th April. By comparison, in the third extra is a clutch of mallard ducklings at the stage of development I would expect at this time of year.

And finally there is the chalkboard dinosaur on the wall at the optician for the amusement of small children.

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