Wide Wednesday: "Light"

I was puzzling over today's Widwed blip challenge and wondering if I could photograph a feather for it, as that is "light". But the only feathers I could find in the garden were very boring ones.

It's been pretty cloudy all day but hey presto, the sun appeared for a few brief minutes just as my Editor announced that our (delicious) evening meal was ready (today was her turn to cook). I was very nicely (and appropriately!) chastised for dashing out at that very moment with my fisheye lens but I think she's forgiven me. And I reckon it was worth it... that was nearly an hour ago as I write, and the sun's not made another appearance since. Of course it's midsummer's day tomorrow, so we couldn't expect any sunshine, could we?!

Many thanks again to steveng for hosting Widwed while Bobsblips is away.

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