Searching for a Stream

Started the day with a cooked breakfast in Ross-on-Wye (easier than dinner out with small kids), followed by a trawl round the charity shops, collecting a fair bit of loot. I am especially thrilled with a Henry Longfellow translation of Dante's Divine Comedy, with 135 illustrations by Gustave Doré. Not promising I'll read it all, but have long wanted to have a good look.

We then ended up spending most of the remainder of the day looking for a stream that Zion and Allegra could splash their sticks in - who would have guessed it could be so difficult? Mind you, we did explore an ancient church and have snacks at a café (where I found more 2nd hand books) on the way.

Anyway, the photo is of the successful culmination of the journey, where? On the farm we are staying on. If you'd like to see what happened next to the distant figure in red, look here.

The day ended, for the kids, with fajitas and a second reading of Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox - the ending is such a great picture of heaven!

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