Please Take a Leaflet

'Please take a leaflet'.
The racks seem to smile:
it's clear they've been empty
for quite a long while.

The displayed invitation
proved such a success
that what was on offer
is anyone's guess.

'Please take a leaflet'.
I would that I could.
I'm sure that their content
was terribly good.

But, still empty-handed,
untutored I'm left
feeling sad, unfulfilled
and, quite frankly, bereft.

© Celia Warren 2018

Drove back to Lincolnshire across the beautiful fens of Cambridgeshire, meeting my brother and his wife for lunch at The Ship Inn, a pub at the confluence of the Great Ouse and the Little Ouse. There were wonderful skyscapes all the way - see Extra.

Now back at our daughter's residence on midsummer's day. It's still sunny, but a little cooler than the past few days.

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