Nighttime Moth

Today is the summer solstice the official 1st day of summer and also the longest day of daylight . Despite that my blip photo was taken just after midnight this morning. I was pegging some washing out ready to start drying 1st thing this morning. While doing that I spotted this moth on the bathroom window. So I went in and grabbed my mobile and got a couple of shots. I believe this is a Cabbage moth. I have blipped one before but believe this to be a better shot. While taking this shot Minstrel was the other side of the window meowing his head off.
This was not the only photo I took today but the only one I can blip as the other shots I took during the day was of some thieving scumbag who came into work and decided to do some shoplifting. He knew I was doing it so hide his face as much as possible  and shouted threats at us as he made a quick exit. Reported to the police but I don't hold my breath.

No work tomorrow as I have the day off to go watch Wigan play tomorrow at Castleford , this is the match that got called off earlier in the year when we had all the snow.

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