From the terrace

I finished the day in Guernsey with a late night, after dinner, bi-lateral with a UK Goverment Minister in preparation for tomorrow’s meeting of the Joint Ministerial Committee and then the British Irish Counicl Plenary.

The BIC - whose 30th plenary is tomorrow - brings together Ireland, the UK, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man , Jersey and Guernsey and was born out of the Good Friday Agreement.

It is a useful forum which also takes a special focus from time to time on key issues. Presently it is the Marine Environment so Rosenna Cunningham is here as well as the First Minister and myself.

The Crown Dependencies are always hospitable and the events are taking place at the lovel St Pierre Park Hotel, where this fountain was playing last night.

It provided a perfect backdrop to my solstice evening chat on the terrace and is something of a contrast to my extra photo - taken at the Royal Highland Show where I spent the morning talking to lots of people about Brexit but also bumping into lots of my constituents.

The decorated tractor was being used to drive home a message about rural crime - it certainly caught the eye !

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