This is part of the flower arrangement I made for Mid-summer. In fact, I had more than one - all fromt he garden of course. You take what you have...

the main is a detail, the extra shows the vase and all. It's a crystal vase given to my Nana, by her daughter, my Mum. It feels lovely to have something that Mum chose, and that Nana cherished and used all the time They both loved cut flowers! Mum died in 77 so it's an ancient vase by now.

The day has been taken up by what the Americans call Yard Work. I like jobs where you can see an effect of your labours, and this was so true today. I have removed literally hundreds of enormous Rose Bay WIllow Herb plants. 

They shoot up so high and swamp everything, so despite the nice purple flowers they are gone. Fire weed is the name my Canadian step-mother gave them, since they are the first thing to come back after a fire. In Sweden they are nicknamed, Rallarrosor, Navies' roses as they grew fast alongside the new railway tracks.

I have felled a bunch of tatty junipers that were just hanging on to life, but were mostly dead and bare. I'm hoping that new growth might be encouraged if the energy isn't going into sustaining masses of useless branches with nothing ont hem. Time will tell. It looks a lot more open anyhow. A heap of rowans are now lying quietly in a heap as well. There are many left to go.

I fell down a rather unexpected hole and realised it was another little path between one bit of the garden and another. That is now cleared and is useable once more. It must be years since we used that path, it was so overgrown. The rate of growth here is something else, 24 hours of daylight  really makes an impact. 

Keith has worked on the boathouse/tent and it now looks finished. It isn't, but the material is now covering the metal frame. Impressive! The frame is here. I'm guessing the almost finished thing will be today's blip.

We are both feeling like the green gym has provided a massive work out today!

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