Cool Water

Girls out for another cold morning hack. Today we did the opposite and I took Luna with me for Flash's morning walk while the girls got the horses saddled.

Luna was horrified at not being allowed to set off with them but was cooled down by being allowed to have a good long swim in the village quarry lakes. I was just taking some photos for a special Poppy for my daughter in Ireland when a Ryanair plane came into land. The grandchildren finished school on Friday and now have a long hopefully warm summer holiday to enjoy - and some of that time will be with their grandpa who is getting very excited at the thought. 

We then went to Erkheim to fill up with petrol - I do everything to avoid filling up at the weekends as the price is always so high but the Empty sign has been flashing for days and it was now getting critical. Also took the opportunity to get some fresh rolls which I somehow haven't done for months.

Erkheim has two bakeries and I guess the take it in turns to open on Sunday mornings. Not that long since bakeries were allowed to open for a few hours on Sunday mornings. The advent of "in-house" bread warming machines in petrol stations forced a change in the law.

Drove past the only PYO Strawberry field in the area and felt tempted but as there were next to no pickers, perhaps the strawberries are not ripening so good at the moment. However, I knew I didn't have the time as Angie would no doubt ring to say I could bring Luna and although I had to call myself, the girls were just arriving at one of the usual meeting points. So good timing.

Late lunch and followed the first half of England's World Cup game. I was sure that at 5-0 they could do without my support in the second half and went out to attack the Thuja hedge -well at least the dead twigs & branches. I might risk more tomorrow!

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