By Transitoire

Playing at Professionalism

Last full day seeing Andy so kept my day free to see him when his lectures finished. Bought lunch from The Bread Oven (smoked salmon and lemon mayo for me, bacon, brie, cranberry and chicken for Andy) and met Andy on campus. We ended up going to a room in Humanities and playing with the Photosoc studio equipment, where this rather interesting photograph was taken. An alternative photograph is here, of Axel, Eve and I...the light created by a flash on slave placed in Axel's belt! Having donated my 60mm for portraits I had a little play with Photosoc fish-eye lens which was quite an experience. Although very fun to use...I don't think I'll be getting one anytime soon! The man on his hands is Shane, in what was meant to be a head-shot for the Photosoc exec page (will keep everyone posted to whether one of these gems is used!)...

Felt rather intimidated with the people that were there to be completely honest...I'm not yet confident enough in my knowledge of photography or whether or not my photographs are good enough to feel fully at ease with people who have so much more experience than me.

Was a bit upset that I didn't manage to see Claire, as we were going to attempt to have a very very quick last goodbye meeting...but I just didn't get back in time. To make me happier, however, Andy and I made a lemon chicken (pretty much a chicken, lemon slices under the skin, bacon on top and potatoes in the baking tray and cook for chicken amount of time...a perfect easy meal!). This was eaten with red wine and followed by some Quality Street left for the house by the wonderful Saskia.

Feeling rather down today. I think it's the illness catching up with me, and the fact I have to leave everyone tomorrow. I'm hoping I'll feel less sick tomorrow and can give less depressed recountings of my day!

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