No place for fingers

This morning I spent 2 hours on Skype with my Assessor for my Civil Trade Certificate. It went well, I spoke about jobs I had done,procedures, methodology,Health and Safety,Quality Assurance and various other aspects about my job. The assessment was on both Water and Wastewater. 1 question I was asked the answer answered 4 other questions. At the end I had a series of photos of different Jobs I had done. A domestic dwelling sewer repair and replacement of a Junction, Stormwater Service Line Replacement, A Fire Hydrant Offset on a 200mm Watermain, Installation of a 50mm Water Service line and water meter, 25mm service line repair including installing a Manifold, PE Welding on a Water Scheme Renewal ( Polyethylene pipe ) and an Outdoor Shower and Foot wash at the Surfing Area of Patiti Point. What he liked was when I spoke about the work and everything involved (Shooting from the hip), the photos showed the work that I had done and visual evidence showed a lot of information to back up what I spoke about. End result is a Recommendation to the Contractors Federation that I receive my Civil Trade Certificate. My back is a little freer but still some localised pain may have been a partial prolapsed disc. This is my MonoMonday image Power, the inside of our Switchboard does not have any more room for anything and should we do any more work with Power we will need to get our switchboard rebuilt.This is a Brass Bar with a whole lot of Earth wires connected to it, certainly no place for fingers.

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