Windy washing

All wrapped around the line!
The fabulously popular T-shirt got a wash, as did another couple of work shirts, complete with holes.
More hole-y than godly.
The day has been beautifully sunny, and the wind kept a lot of the biters at bay.
I was doing forestry work so it was good to have the breeze, they got me once it dropped!

I've made a deal with myself not to chop down trees unless I'm going to carry them away to "get rid" of them at the same time.
Dumping them in a suitable hollow in the nearby forest for example, or adding them to the bonfire pile.
Otherwise you end up with great heaps all over the place and no energy left to drag them off the garden.
I hacked and snipped and chopped for 4 or 5 hours, with water breaks.

Today was a fasting day (we're back onto 5/2 eating again, after a break).
It is no bother to do a hard day's work with no food  - or very little - I have always been good at that so it's no sacrifice.
There are said to be health benefits, and some people lose weight.
Not me!

Keith has now put the kayaks into the boat house, along with some of the lumber!
It is all very posh and a lot lighter inside than our old arrangement, the heavy tarpaulins made it very gloomy inside.
Plus there's a floor in this one, made out of the tin roof that was replaced last summer.

We both got good and sweaty so we took a quick trip to the lake for a swim before eating dinner.
I really enjoy these days where productive work gets done and you can see really obvious results.
The clean washing smells wonderful!

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