By wellsforzoe

Progress Report: One Million

24th June 2018:

Prominence sent me this

This is  Musilo  Moyowithu  CBO, (close to that polluting CITY waste disposal) where they have started transplanting pine seedlings.

Hie Boss,

The following are the places and number of seeds distributed and  already sown

Bishop 4000 pine seeds and already transplanted

Musiro at Moyowithu CBO 20,000  given and already sowed 12,000 and now they are transplanting, they chose to sow in phases

Kazando Rukutu club 30,000

Lusangazi in Guwayi VH 20,000 already sowed  but remaining with 30 000 to  give them to reach their target of 50,000

Chigwere Pius Longer 15,000

Mphompha Adamson's father already distributed  450,000, with 500,000 more to be planted

Kasungu: Laston have distributed 100,000 Acacia seed, and awaitig community meetings to progress

Mother General house Marymount Mzuzu (Catholic) 12,000

Village forestry project 40,000

Mzumara sustainable farm 10,000

At our farm Lusangazi sowed 60,000 in case if some  will not germinate we will be able to maintain our target of 50,000 pine seeds at farm

At factory we will saw 60,000 seeds just like at the farm


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