Allium Seed Heads

An amalgam of three photos taken with bright blend mode to capture the bright stems against a dark background. The background leaves were captured in East Leake Meadow Park. Wasn't really sure what I wanted with this other than capturing contrast. So it's a non photo.

I don't suppose it helped the hay fever that Basil and I were walking round a meadow left for grasses to seed. But it was a walk. Came back determined to grab a nap, but it hasn't happened unfortunately.

Popped in to say Hello to Hayley and Mandy and also to Karen the physiotherapist at PhysioNeeds, She put me on the road to my new knee. She says she has several patients who would benefit from a new knee, hip or shoulder but they just won't do it. I can't imagine choosing to live with the pain of arthritis.

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