By RavensRoost

Life is a Patchwork Quilt

Life is a Patchwork Quilt

Life isn't given to us all of a piece,
It’s more like a patchwork quilt –
Each hour and minute a patch to fit in
To the pattern that’s being built.

With some patches light – and some patches dark,
And some that seem ever so dull –
But if we were given to set some apart,
We’d hardly know which to cull.

For it takes the dark patches to set off the light,
And the dull to show up the gay –
And, somehow, the pattern just wouldn’t be right
If we took any part away.

No, life isn’t given us all of a piece,
But in patches of hours to use,
That each can work out his pattern of life
To whatever design he might choose.

- Helen Lowrie Marshall

For nearly 15 years, the High Praire Community holds a fundraising sale for the volunteer fire department every spring.  In this aging community, organizing and holding an annual rummage sale and silent auction has become overwhelming.

This year one of the members of the community, Diane Cazalet, donated her quilts for a silent auction to benefit the fire department. Diane, who is being treated for Stage 4 breast cancer, said she wanted to pay it forward and give back to the community that has nourished her. Other community members also donated their quilts for this sale. 

I visited the auction to say hello to friends from High Prairie. Between the auction and donations, the community raised $9,000.00. 

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