Nickebo - like a fairy tale castle

We decided on a day off today and Keith paddled his kayak on the south sound, whilst I walked and talked with Rose who is back from her holiday in the US. 

We walked out to Nickebo from town, and decided it was too short a walk so we went round the graveyard as well. I realise that sounds odd, but it is such a lovely landscaped place to walk in, and it feels beautiful and expansive. Not a sniff of death or decay about the well ordered filing system for deceased Swedes!

There's a little flea-market upstairs at Nickebo, and a vintage shop selling many pretty things - including ball gowns/cocktail dresses, shoes, jewellry and bit and pieces. I restrained myself with no bother, and we both felt that the urge this visit produced was to go home and clear out our wardrobes! Bit of a shame for the sellers, but there you go.

It was so nice to sit out in the sunshine, with a breeze and drink coffee someone else had made, and eat cake someone else had baked. Keith paddled up the sound eventually and joined us on the parched, brown lawn. The trees are already looking a bit grey and yellowy and it isn't even July yet... such a dry season so far.

We came home and sorted out the wood, carrying it into the boathouse and stacking it in neatly sorted piles so that it's easier to make use of it. Some of it is treated and will be used to make outdoor steps, for example. There is currently a health hazard where there should be steps down to the bottom garden, a flight with two steps missing. You'd have to be a giant to manage them!

So even on this non-working day, work was done! We sat in the evening sun with a glass of apple cider and relaxed before making the supreme effort of cooking when a bit too tired. As yesterday's evening meal descended into raw oats and milk and honey on the spoon, cooking had to be done today! Pasta and salad went down nicely. Last night we saw 3 episodes of the Crown so perhaps that's what the rest of the evening holds for us. It grabbed me!

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