The Farm Shop

We had a great meal at the Fleur de Lys in Lowsonford last night and this morning before setting off Marian and I walked up the hill to a farm shop where we hoped to get some milk. We didn't but while waiting for someone to appear we looked into the stable where we saw this little pony, who must have been getting on when Methuselah was doing whatever he did.

We set off towards Kingswood Junction where the Stratford meets up with the Grand Union canal and we turned onto it in the Warwick direction. It looks like you could get almost anywhere from here. I've added an extra of Kingswood, I didn't want to make it my main blip as it features another of the splendid Barrel roofed cottages of which I've already blipped two in the last few days. The GU is a lot quieter than the Stratford canal and I did drive the boat for a while today without any mishaps.

My second extra is the view through Shrewley Tunnel as we came through. It's about 400 yards in the old money and it drips on you quite a lot. In a couple of places you get a cold shower which can take you by surprise if you're at the back of the boat. In the front where I was you can see them in the headlight and can dodge out of the way of the smaller one.

We're moored for the night just past the tunnel. No pub here (there is one but it's being refurbished) so we're catering for ourselves on the boat this evening.

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