Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


I'm starting to get my eye in with White-letter Hairstreaks, although it helps to know where and when to look. 

As I mentioned on my last visit to the "Big Field" behind Shipley Station a couple of weeks ago I bumped into someone who gave me some good tips on where to look for various species, and his directions to the White-letter Hairstreaks came up trumps today, three were nectaring on thistles under the only Elm tree on site. 

I'd also hoped that the Marbled Whites would be out, and I did get fleeting glimpses of a few but only one distant record photo. Also, plenty of Ringlet, Meadow Brown & Small Skipper, a couple of Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Wood and Large White and single Common Blue and Comma.  

Before getting back on the train I checked on the Station Meadow reserve and it was crawling with Burnet moths, both Six-spot and narrow-bordered Five-spot.

Butterfly Journal 2018

24.  28/06/18: White-letter Hairstreak, "Big Field", Shipley
25.  28/06/18: Marbled White, "Big Field", Shipley

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