By FrauPic


One wouldn't think how busy I am, in these my holidays. Breakfast shopping, then a dip in the river, then paperwork that's been piling up for weeks, and in between - procrastination-wise - I started to scrub down bathroom tiles and the gas stove.
Tomorrow I'll dedicate myself to a flea market bicycle hunt (mine is more ore less irreparably broken) and also - probably - to bathing and hand-lotioning my fossiles and rocks collection. (Sic! In order to make them shine again, my (un-)precious rocks need to be gently bathed, towel-dried and lotioned with a very special brand, else they turn sticky with dust.) Did I mention I am a collector, e. g. one of those fools screening the waterline with a buckled back for hours? I have a story or two to tell about transporting granite rocks in backpacks or VIP-checking them in at airports ;)

Oh, and this blip shows the grand portal of a former farmacy, now wine bar. I've blipped it before. Anyway, I like how the bright sunlight shows off the lines.

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