Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Not the most original of titles, but it was the best I could do.

I am happy to report that the storm missed us other than a few inches of snow and some gusty winds. Still without cable/Internet/tv so not sure how the Jersey coast faired - hopefully they were spared more misery. Temps warmed up today so most of the snow has already melted and we are headed for temps in the sixties (F) by Sunday. This will be a blessing for those who are still without heat.

The Bird Bistro was busy this morning and I wish I could upload the "also ran" shots to folio, but, alas, the connection is too slow and my patience too short. There has been a red-breasted nuthatch here all day, as well as a Common Grackle, in addition to all the regular patrons. Odd to have just one grackle as they are usually in flocks now, so not sure why this fellow is solo. No sign of the chipmunks, so they must be denned up for the day. the squirrels put in early and frequent appearances and seemed partial to the dried corn cobs I out out for them. Cheeky things.

Thank you for sending His Royal Redness to the Spotlight yesterday! It seems that our resident pair had a successful breeding season as they have four young adults in tow. They will all stay together through the winter, until papa chases them off in the spring to make way for a new family.

I called Virginia last night to chat. Sadly, she has no recollection of her visit here, even though it was just last week. Interestingly, though, she remembers Phoebe and knows that Phoebe loves laying on her lap. That says something about the magic of animals, doesn't it? We must count small blessings.

I have rigged up my iPhone as a "hotspot" which is giving me better connectivity in the iPad. So, I plan to visit journals this evening and get caught up! Yay! A bit of normalcy in what has been a crazy couple of weeks. Now if I could just figure out how to get y PC to recognize the iPhone hotspot...


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