Cool dudes

I got up at 5.00 am as I was awake and not going to go back to sleep.  I tend to go and sit in the conservatory and read etc.  About 6.45 I looked along and say the curtains were open - a bit early for KG II thought but yes he had looked at the time wrong and thought it was 7.30 - how silly.
Anyway we had a leisurely breakfast and coffee.  I then went out to top up the bird feeders - KG came out and we decided that the wheel bench needed to be teak oiled - it was nice and cool so not too bad to do.  We decided then to wash the car while it was still in the cool.   Result nice shiny car and oiled bench.  I must admit after all this activity we sat in the shade and just enjoyed  the ambiance - we saw a baby bluetit hopping on the branches and taking seeds from the feeder.  We had lunch in the garden  and  then went in to watch qualifying.  
It is silly Saturday and KG volunteered to be a cool dude for me.  He decided he didn't want to be alone so I got Big Ted out.  Big Ted though it was a bit hot and as KG had glasses and a hat - he decided he needed one too.  I let him borrow my hat which was a bit silly - but he was happy.  Now I thought I can take my picture but no Big Ted protested it wasn't fair KG had a beer so he needed one  as well.  I went and fetched him a beer and finally I got my silly Saturday shot. of a couple of cool dudes   Thanks to Admirer for hosting.
Have a good weekend blippers 

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