Politics or coffee, we offer both!

That was the slogan on the notice board, designed to attract the good citizens of Härnösand to have a word with the socialist on the square. We were two of them yesterday, serving it up from the van for a couple of hours.

It was interesting to see that Karin and I - without a word to each other - spent time tidying and cleaning the van, and displaying things nicely. And stowing things away, as they will otherwise bounce around the place when the van is towed. It was interesting to hear what people wanted to talk about, charity, taxation, the law, socialists being good at spending other peoples' money ... and so on. Sigh.

Not the slogan from the Labour party - for the many, not the few. I bought some Labour party merchandise and my brother fetched it over. The badges with the same message are going like hot cakes!

We headed off north after the political work for the day was done, to meet up with Paco and Lis who mostly live in Porto but return to their Swedish house int he summers "because it's so beautiful here, the best time!". We sometimes lend them our tiny car and we were fed dinner when we delivered it. Rose drove us all home in the bright, white night at 11 after a really lovely day with them.

Obviously too tired for blipping, so I'm late with this one. Obviously far too much excitement as I slept hardly at all for the first 5 hours of the night... A very slow start on Sunday morning!

Here I am in the wilderness behind Betty's.

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