Arthington Show

Today we had a fun afternoon at Arthington Show.  We took part in the photography competition, which meant that we had to lay out our prints before 9.30am.  We were therefore up early, drove down the hill to the showground and placed our entries.

We then came back home for a while before returning to the showground for lunch and an afternoon of fun and entertainment in the heat.  The blip features some very hot medieval re-enactors having sword fights.

Sharon beat Tim in the Photography competition with two firsts and a second.  Tim managed a second and two highly commendeds, which were actually "you printed this too big, or it might have done well" awards.  I'll know for next time!  Cash prizes too - Tim won £2, Sharon won £8.  It paid for our lunch! :-). We did best in the "manipulated print category" taking both first and second places.

Today's discovery: Flies that land on your touch sensitive kindle can highlight passages and change the page.  Clear off!

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