Cordial-to-be, or man with blue bucket

The elderflowers are starting to be ripe for picking, just as we go off for a while. Keith picked all the ripest ones and I trimmed the green off them and froze them to make cordial when we have time.

Dead-headed all the lupins so they aren't spreading seeds all over the place whilst we aren't looking. 3 barrowloads of them. It really is a massive garden! The Elder will be trimmed in the autumn, it is so high now, and difficult to get at. A very enthusiastic tree. Less so is the apple. It seems to have struggled this year and is looking very miserable. I can't see there being any fruit as there are practically no leaves on most of the tree now.

Bags are packed, painting stuff ready, book chosen, flowers watered... I'll cut enough rhubarb to make a crumble for 15 tomorrow morning before we leave. I already have an order for scones, and there's peach jam to go with them. A whole week of tai chi, meditation, talks and exercises, stretching and vegetarian food of high class. I'm looking forward to it, it's almost a retreat. 

Don't know how internet will work as I'll be reliant on my phone.

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