By Bella888

Tiny Tuesday: Invasion of tiny people

OK I will confess. This photo was taken on Sunday on our way back from lunch. The beach was packed as you can see, but it was super muggy and I was pleased to get home to the fans (the ones that blow cold air). .

Yesterday I had a small’ish foot op (thinking of Desert Camel’s recent experience here). So now home in bed with feet up for a couple of days. Bandages get changed next Monday (GP nurse already booked up, so back to hospital). Will be super careful till then as had exactly the same 2 years ago, and wouldn’t heal. So ended up with feet up for 4 weeks.

The curtains have been drawn all day and the fan on. Apart from a bandaged foot on a pile of cushions, not much to share with you. So Hopefully you won’t be too upset about a ‘current’ although not ‘today’ blip.

Been watching Wimbledon. Found a way to stream Gabriella Taylor in her first Wimbledon main draw. She fought back bravely to win the second set, but sadly lost. We met her and mum at a tennis club on the Costa 7 years ago. Lovely, determined girl, whose family have made huge sacrifices for her, and they are now paying off.

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