Concrete Evidence

As the light was particularly poor on my intended subject we continued further, just for a stroll. In passing this roadside drain I noticed that it was full of concrete, with a tell-tale streak down the gutter from an obvious source as a large patch on the road a few doors away, which I also photographed, with the thought that I should send them to the Council.

I would not have blipped it but for the interesting conversation that followed. We were approached by a gentleman who was working on a new-build/upgrade of a house next door to this patch and queried my interest in taking the  photographs. I explained that I was wondering why the drain was filled with concrete and where it had come from and he admitted that it was obviously from the property he was working on. Over several minutes' questioning he ascertained that we were not from the Council Water, Highways or any other Departments or authority and thought my behaviour most unusual, so unusual that I was clearly up to no good - casing the area prior to possible burglary, in fact.

A less likely pair you could not have seen but, resisting the temptation to offer character references, or to draw his attention to the fact that I was wearing a cross, I merely told him I was 'interested in roads', and we prepared to move on, whereupon he made sarcastic comments, suggesting I might wish to photograph his boundary wall. We managed to extricate ourselves from his diatribe and wandered further along the road, avoiding him on our return.

Though come to think of it, that wall did look as though it could collapse on an unwary pedestrian, perhaps I should take a snap or two as evidence...

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