My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Hatching a plan

Bill: Are they watching?
Sizzles: Doesn't look like it - too busy doing that chatting thing they always seem to do.
Bill: Right the plan is that you go right I go left.
Sizzles: Right.
Bill: Yes right.
Sizzles: Then what?
Bill: Well we make our escape and go and do things we're not supposed to do.
Sizzles: Like what?
Bill: Chase deer, roll in fox poo, not come back when we're called - that sort of thing.
Sizzles: But I've only little legs, hate getting my tummy dirty and I rather like those treats your mum has that we get when we go back to her.
Bill: Good point. I hate the baths I have to have if I do the fox poo thing too. So change of plan then.
Sizzles: Okay, what now?
Bill: Let's get this walk over and done with quickly, get home and snore by the fire.
Sizzles: Sounds good to me.

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