Potato harvest

Cooler this morning but still sunny so I thought I'd dig up the rest of the potatoes.
The plants were tall and thick therefore difficult to see where the rows actually were.
Anyway I moved on and immediately was surprised to see how large and how many per plant
After an hour I'd finished and had moved 3 wheelbarrow loads of stems and leaves to the composts.
Next job was to weed and dig over finding even more deep down.
Finally I sprinkled some fertilizer over the patch and will leave for a few days before sowing more beans and late carrotts.
So in conclusion as this was an experiment between potatoes grown in bags or in the ground.
The ground ones come out on top with about 3 times the weight and much larger.
That said the bagged potatoes although smaller in size and weight still tasted really good and to be honest I prefer the smaller size on my plate.
So will I do it again Yes I most certainly will and I hope you've found this little exercise useful.
MrsD is picking up the new fountain on her way back from Pontiose this afternoon.
So I'll be back to the pond using the new equipment to continue where I left off yesterday.
Thanks for your visit it's appreciated and I hope you have a good day too.

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