musings of a Nepali girl

By Pratiksha


Sasha aka freedom.

So happy to see this girl grow this beautiful and healthy. Still remember the days I spent with her in Dhading (some twenty months ago = Bailey was not yet a part of our lives). My heart broke to see her tied to a tree, where she spent all her day looking for love. I took her out for runs but was sad coz it was temporary. I wanted freedom for her.

On the day of my departure, I just couldn’t leave this girl behind. She was thin as anything and had wounds everywhere. I felt so sad for her. Phil comforted me and told me to bring her with me. We thought she would be a great company for Zuzu. Hence, I decided to travel with her to Kathmandu in the back seat of the jeep. She DIDN’T complain. I know how hard it is for dogs to travel having seen our dogs suffer.

When we got home little Sasha was so excited. She had never climbed staircase so it was fun to watch her learn. She went to the kitchen and could easily reach the worktop. She didn’t understand no. She ate her poo because she was not fed properly by her prev owners. We knew it was not going to be an easy job to train this girl.

Phil named her Sasha because it means freedom. She was free indeed. Free from the chains and that life of being unloved. Sadly, our Zuzu didn’t get along with Sasha and we had to look for a new home for her.

I am so thankful that Sasha has a loving home. Manibha, her owner since the last twenty months loves her to pieces. She has also been able to train Sasha!

PC: Manibha, Sasha’s bff

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