Me, My Camera & I

By notgraham

Burgh Beautiful

I got out of the darkened hovel I call "the office" and got myself walking a bit into town to stretch those legs. 
I managed to get to Prince Street, where I thought upon myself to get some lunch - turns out I pushed the boat out and went to M&S for the first time in a long while. If this weather keeps up I may just have to do that walk again. 

Rather than the seat under the Scott Monument I went a bit further afield and found that the grass was largely bone dry, nearing brown. 

15 minutes of tranquil peace in the sunshine, till some miscreant child decided to run about shouting "Seagull!!" and chasing the resident sky rats about. 

Sharp exit back to the hovel for a rather uneventful afternoon.

I added another image to  today. One I got at the start of my walk. Something I never expected to see on the back of a pickup truck. Saying that, I never expected to see a pickup truck in Edinburgh (well not an nearly All-American one anyways).

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