Rodents rule

By squirk


It was a gorgeous evening. After spying on the newts in The Rookery pond, we sat on Streatham Common and watched the sun set. I love that some areas of the park aren’t mown, leaving the grasses to grow.

There was travel chaos this morning on the trains - three signal failures at Streatham meant no trains south (or trains north from the south). Luckily, I heard this on the breakfast news, which kicked me into leaving for work in haste to catch the express bus before all the train folk piled on to it. I really feel for those who have no choice but to travel by train. The Southern and Thameslink lines have been so bad since the timetable change that I have barely risked using them. Today’s escapade won’t have helped. I read last week that extra security for staff has been employed st St Alban’s due to angry passengers letting off steam. Not good for anyone.

On the bus, I was tickled to spot that two female passengers on the aisle opposite were also playing Pokemon Go as we zoomed to work. It’s not kids that play this game!

Lunchtime was spent at the Rooftop Garden on the Southbank. I managed to find a bit of shade. The plants are all looking parched.

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