By seizetheday

Salmon fishing...

...on the Tweed estuary.

A morning a domestic stuff, and setting up the new mobile to replace the one that I managed to drown in such an undignified fashion earlier in the week. Then a nice catch-up with Andrea when she came for her mandolin lesson with MrM.

Later in the afternoon MrM and I went in to Berwick, so he could take a newly repaired guitar to the music shop. A good opportunity for me to go to the bank, and for us to do some shopping. As we were parking at the quayside, these guys were pulling in their nets so we lingered and watched for a while. An awful lot of effort but very few, if any, fish in the nets, as far as we could see. 

Back home in time for MrM to watch the football - Belgium vs Brazil - before he went down to the workshop. Festivals are fast approaching, and our working days are getting longer...

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