One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye


Totally hysterical at seeing France progress to the semi finals...  
What a lackluster match. 
Seeing all these grown-up lads rolling around on the pitch calling for their mummies. All these these tattoos that they have, surely they must have got them done under general anesthetics. 
Don't think they would last long in the other football played around here... 
The Brazil/Belgium match was a lot more exciting. I don't fancy France's chances much, if today's performances are anything to go by. 
Went for yet another most refreshing sea swim at the Vico with Luca this evening. And for my Friday night swim in the pool. The pool felt small. And dodgy cloudy. And warm. Way too warm. And pricey. 
Plus I saw one of the mums from Finnzy's school swimming topless at the Vico. 
And that never happens in the pool. 

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