The Old Forge (Friday 6th July 2018)

One of the flowers I grew when I first created my garden in the nineties was crocosmia (or montbretia) 'Lucifer', partly because I had an amazing cat called Lucifer. All traces of it disappeared during the garden's wilderness years and attempts to regrow it in 2016 and 2017 failed for some reason. This year I seem to be having more success as these have just begun to flower in the front yard's tin drum.

Crocosmia 'Lucifer' was named by Michael Seymour, one of the volunteers working on the steam railway at Blooms Of Bressingham nurseries, where it was developed by the appropriately named Alan Bloom, and first appeared at the Chelsea Flower Show in 1966. Bloom developed it by crossing a new South African species, Crocosmia masoniorum, with Antholyza paniculata (now Crocosmia paniculata), to create a hardy hybrid.

Thanks to bikerbear for hosting Flower Friday.

7.7.2018 (0752 hr)

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In focus: crocosmia (The Telegraph)

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