By Angelique


Matthew lives for this day, looking forward to it for months.  And the day didn't disappoint.  Yes it was very hot and we kept drinking lots of fluids but he met some incredible people.

The man standing with Matty was the pilot Rich Goodwin who performs amazing stunts in his modified Pitts S2-S biplane.  He certainly is very brave and he kindly signed Matthew's programme and gave him one of his special calendars which he usually charges £10.00 for.

We managed to find four new books for him (no wonder I have no money!!), so he was happy.

The Red Arrows performed their usual spectacular programme and even though I have watched them  for over 30 years there was some new moves, one called The Twister which was very complicated.

And of course at the end the usual helicopter display so he was very happy.  The drive back to Cornwall was wonderful with very little traffic so different to my drive up on the Friday afternoon.  If you are ever planning a visit down here never travel on a Friday.  I saw huge queues mile after mile around Exeter.

So today chilling out in the shade under the trees.  Too hot to walk the dogs so we will wait until the cool this evening.

Hope your weekend has been as good as ours and sending hugs to you all. xxxx

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