Toddler squirrel

What an excitement this morning ! I had already spotted a squirrel with something furry in its mouth speeding past the side window and had guessed it might have been one of the squirrels whose babies had been born, so camera at the ready for if/when it happened again. Just then DJ went to sit outside on the terrace to drink his coffee and all chaos broke loose. With much screeching this tiny critter here suddenly jumped on the chair next to him while its siblings and mother speeded past him with much noise, DJ said there were at least 6 squirrels in all, I have spotted three, see the blurry extra . I have no idea how old they are, seeing they have hair and are very able climbers already I guess they're more toddlers than babies, but mother had her hands full trying to get them all together and in the end resorted to grabbing one by the neck and carrying it up a tree. This adventurous one stayed behind for quite a while. Now looking forward to more visits, still smiling when I think of their antics and the confusion of this morning. In all gardens we've had for the past 19 years we've had squirrels (yes, even in Singapore together with other critters, birds and monkeys) but I've never have seen baby squirrels in the garden before ! Feeling very happy about it.

Over to the Abstract Thursday challenge. I only realised today that last Thursday of course should have been a first Thursday of the new month, so no theme Thursday, shame on me ! So instead , this coming Thursday will be theme-free and you're free to post anything abstract (to be honest of course you are always free to post whatever you want as long as it is a bit abstract!). Thanks so much for all the entries with plenty of rural ones :-) Here's my list of last Thursday's specials:

evolybab         for a summery double exposure
hanulli             for a great ICM shot
Romay            for a great edited pattern
60plus             for a colourful rural landscape
walkingMarj   for a soft sweet pea macro abstract

Keep on sending in those abstracts, this coming week's tag will be AT159

Thanks so much for your kind comments, stars and even hearts for yesterday's Borage & Bee Blip !

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