As usual I forgot to take a 'before' because who takes a picture of a weedy overgrown garden? So only three people looking at this will know what a difference I have made here. 

For anyone else who cares, I have laid the bricks separating the 'flower bed' from the 'lawn'. I have dug up oodles of stuff that breached the boundary. I have disposed of a kilo or two of glass and mortar. I have planted a shade-loving plant in the space where there is now accessible shady soil. I have replanted a million Spanish bluebell bulbs porque soy internacionalista. And, now that it is evening, I have treated my work/sun dehydration with gin and tonic.

Recuperative hammock is top right. Not much used today.

In extras: plastic teabags. From two years of composting I have gleaned five good barrowloads of compost and three-and-a-half buckets of the plastic remnants of teabags. Some I have failed to extract and now that I am alert to what they look like I can see that our garden is full of plastic fibres. And I realise that there are loads of micro-fibres that I cannot see. One garden; who cares? One planet. Well, who cares?

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