Heat haze

It was a slow start this morning, but the first thing I did after the usual washing and dressing, was Tai Chi. Not yoga and suchlike. I think I have realised that if I don't do Tai Chi straight away, it tends to get neglected. I'm too dynamic after the exercises, and getting in the right frame of mind for slow, relaxed, precise movements is hard.

And it was a slow start for the weather too. It was cloudy and dull till lunchtime, and warm. The sun came out in the afternoon and it was baking. I was really hot and bothered in no time at all as i dead-headed flowers and tore up the remaining lupins before seeds bust forth.

Keith decided he needed shade to work outside, which was smart of him. We now have a rather flimsy 3 X 3 X 2 in hight tent roof. I have put up 2 sides made of mesh to keep mozzies out, and have more in reserve. We had an ice-cream and a cold drink under the roof, very pleasant. You get weird effects from the mesh! This is a view from the (totally dry and brown)bottom lawn, next to the boathouse tent.

I gave up working outdoors, far too hot. Took yet more washing in after the sun had done his work. Had a shower and cooled off, and have spent an hour finding out more about the mayhem in the UK's political scene. What a strange situation, with this very weak and unfocussed government. They really do seem to be capable of playing a bit of fiddle music as the place burns. There is so much that needs to be done in the country, and isn't being done...

Personally I hope brexit bites the dust as it so richly deserves to.

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