Chris left this morning, his back aching a bit.  I felt sorry for him  having that long train journey in the heat.
I did some gardening with sweat dripping off me.  The greenhouse thermometer was showing nearly 40C.  
Felix thinks he should finish this week....I don't believe it!
And what news today.  Too much going on..  Brexit Bulldog gone, Boris gone!  Who next?
And heat.  The house feels so warm tonight.  Balcony door wide open and a slight sea breeze....I'm wandering about in shorts and vest, it feels like living in the Med.  Except, of course, my garden is English and I am spending all my time watering.  Thank goodness we haven't got a hose ban (yet).  Actually, rain is forecast next week....think I might enjoy it.  As long as we get the sun back at the end of it.

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