An Avid Lensman

By SarumStroller

Artisan & Arty-Farty (but very tasty)

Smoked Salmon, King Prawns, Lemon Mayonnaise & paprika on Homemade Focaccia.....

A cold lunch I would never ever even consider but Salisbury's wonderful Fisherton Mill have to live up to their The Observer's Award for 'Best Cheap Eats in the south west 2017 - and rather banging on about homemade everything this and this and that.

It was either a 4.50 tiny slice of the most scrummy cake you will ever see, or sixteen smackers for some kind of posh lunch made mostly with things I've never heard of.

Add freshly squeezed homemade lemonade and after the initial shock of the cost, this came to no more than a posh burger at some posh burger chain.

After suffering countless "images" of people's 'food' on Facebook, where even the most unappetising fare is made to look like something their dog brought back up after eating it, I decided to take one single shot with the new macro lens, with diffused light from the window to the left. 

I rather liked it, so it's my Blip. 

More importantly, Fisherton Mill (located a few yards up from my football fan image) is now the most splendrous, if a little pretentious Art Gallery, spread over two floors, with real live artists working in various rooms and cavities.

There are also regular exhibitions. The three bespoke items of glassware made by local artists in the thick window sill I ate next to, were bargains at a cool six hundred quid. So, you do have to be a little careful how you conduct yourself AND your cutlery, else you could leave with a County Court Judgement just to cover 'breakages'.

But it's a great place to meet up, or go on your own and look willingly at the unattainable - and let's face it, mostly un-useful, but it's good to know that such places do exist - and do provide some really rather nice grub (my description, not theirs)  

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