Rodents rule

By squirk


I came across this strange collection of objects on one of the large letters spelling "LIBRARY" in Clapham. "That'll do", I thought. It was my first visit to this library and I was impressed. I had to stick to taking out only the book I needed for work and not go wild in the fiction section. There are so many books that caught my eye.

En route to the library, I heard someone calling my name, which is a little odd in an area I don't live or work in. It was Fred's cousin (who does live in Clapham so I shouldn't be that surprised)! We had a brief hello and promise to catch up soon. We really must do that.

The day was yet another hot one. We sat out at lunch and listened to Kit give the second part of the lecture in her specialist subject. It's only two weeks until she goes into the Mastermind chair! 

One of the funniest remarks of the day came from a colleague who, after I'd told him I'd been fixing a fence at the weekend, asked if that fence was indoors or out. He then paused and got the giggles. Do you get indoor fencing? He still had the giggles at the close of the working day.

It's been a big day in politics. We celebrated Boris Johnson's resignation by going to the work cafe for chocolate. It's the first time I've heard of Stephen Baker, poor man sandwiched between Boris's and David Davis's resignations.

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