Tiny Tuesday: Tiny Threads

Nickimags888 (thanks Nicky!) is leaving the themes for TT open this month.

I hadn't yet decided on my blip subject for today, but I was walking past a low hedge this afternoon after taking the car in for its annual service and MOT, and spotted this patch of tiny threads attached to the leaves, glistening in the sunlight. I'm not very well up on this, so if anyone knows what it is please tell me! I'm assuming it's a form of spiders' web but it's much more untidy than they usually are (and I didn't spot any spiders!). Or could it be protecting some larvae? - but I didn't see any sign of those either.

I only had my cheap phone camera with me so it's not the best photo, especially as it's heavily cropped, but I actually rather like the slightly painterly effect.

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