A day in Dundee with a map and a pen searching out some of the penguins on the Maggie's Penguin Parade. Of the 80 penguins that have invaded Dundee and the surrounding area we have seen less than 30. 
We're just like a couple of children on a treasure hunt!

There are a few in Broughty Ferry so we may take a trip there in the next day or two. I don't think there's a prize on offer for the first person to find all 80 ... we certainly wouldn't win if there was!

Maggie's Centres provide help and support for people with cancer and their families. Maggie's Penguin Parade is a partnership event between Maggie's Dundee and Wild in Art. At the end of September the penguins will be auctioned and it's hoped that enough money will be raised to keep Maggie's doors open for a year.

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