Blessing the garden...

... with water. No rain in sight and the flowers are looking miserable. So this evening I spent quite a while watering them with the hosepipe. Everything is struggling and some stuff has died back already. The grass was cut about 10 days ago and the only thing growing is the clover flowers - the bees are happy!

The garden has never been this parched in the 30-odd years we have lived here. The lawn is yellow in lots of places, and brown in the places that are usually a bit on the dry side. We have bedrock very close to the surface, and breaking through so the soil is thin there.

It was so hot today that I was brainless, 27 or so when we got up - which just carried on till about 8 at night I think. I pottered, did small things that needed doing, ate breakfast in the shade outdoors, began mending rotten thresholds and so on, little jobs.

In the evening Keith was going to paddle his kayak but I decided on outdoor yoga in town, by the sea. I dropped Keith and kayak off first. We were chased off in a very rude way when we tried to put the boat in the water. The owner of the land shouted from his window to get off his private road - and he wouldn't let us take the kayak off the roof. Get out! Now!!!! So we did, and carried it back in, and launched it and then I scarpered. Very nasty, considering that we have the right of public access to the whole country, apart from in someone's garden. Also very unusual to be hounded off like that.

That put me in need of yoga! Which was really nice, with Rose, outdoors in the balmy evening with about 120 others.  It's a free session and we are asked to donate what we think it is worth to the charity of our choice. Very lovely, thank you Anki! Just as the session came to a close, Keith paddled into view, talk about perfect timing. 

The shoreline was buzzing with people swimming, a group of people in kayaks, people walking and talking and enjoying the fabulous weather. My brain kicked in as it got cooler. Did the whole Tai chi programme this morning, before the heat got me, including a standing meditation where you just stand still for minutes. It is something to work on, we were doing 3 minutes on the course, but 15 is more like it (!). It feels energising, strangely enough.

SO happy that the Thai football team is now out of the cave, trainer and all. So utterly disgusted with the UK government's messing about, it really feels like a change has to come.

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