Kayak time

It has been hot all day again, not a whisper of cloud till the evening. then we saw a sun dog which is always a fine sight. Not a sign of the rain we were sort of tantalisingly promised on the weather report either.

Keith picked a load of ripe Elder flowers and I have set some cordial off, it takes 3 days. I prepared another lot of flowers and put them in the freezer for now. Sometimes I give them away to friends who don't have a supply of their own. I got my tree from Ann, my generous ex-colleague and friend.

Otherwise it was another hot day, where movements were slow and where working in the sun was in very short bursts. I did some gentle weeding, discovering that my scratty lavender is loving this weather - and had to go and shower the sweat off!

In the cool of the evening we had a kayak trip, my first for two years. Last year was a weird one with cold weather and Keith's health issues that stopped us at times. Most of the summer was spent re-roofing the red house. Anyhow, the kayaks stayed in the boathouse. I have put some weight on and it felt a bit snug in the boat - but also wonderful to be on the water! We just went to our local lake and found it deserted and peaceful. 

It had to be a short trip as the football was on this evening. I have now watched my first complete match and seen England knocked out by Croatia, that tiny country of 4.5 million people. I feel so thrilled for them, have visited twice for work and been impressed with the friendly people I met. Sorry for the English though, the family are upset.

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