Desert Oak Forest

We camped very near this forest. The tall slender trees are young one, with their roots still stretching down into the ground to get water. When they reach reliable water the branches spread out into more of a canopy.

The nights have been getting colder and we had to start zipping up the covers of our swags. I was fortunate to have bought a Thermal Sleeping Bag liner in Alice Springs, which helped keep me warmish under the doona.

We filled our water tanks at Well 33, and then continued on to Kunawarritji, where we refueled, had very welome showers and washed clothes - and our Tagalong driver was seen by a Remote Nurse. He was deemed to be unfit to continue and was medivacced to Port Hedland. A very sad ending for him, but by far the best outcome. In all 3 more people caught the bug, and it was a very stressful time for them and us. Lots and lots of hand sanitizing going on!

We had to make a diversion off the Canning Stock Route because of flooding at and around Well 25, making everyone travelling the CSR take a 200km bypass! So we camped on Gary Junction Rd, by some rocky outcrops.

Backblipping ...

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